DIY: Memphis-Inspired Planters


I am forever buying plants- even though I am horrible at keeping them alive. Living in a city like we do, outdoor space is a luxury and potted plants are refreshing to have to bring a little of the outside into our little abode!

I picked up these plants on a whim one day (as you do) because, well, they were calling out to me. Plus, a few days before, I had a sudden moment of inspiration looking at some ric rac ribbons I had lying around and thought, those squiggles would work well as small pieces of graphic! So, because I am forever trying to update the colours of my home with small pops of colour, the memphis-inspired planters were born!

For this little project, we partnered with Eico paints to use their beautiful colours. We had used them in our home renovation and so I knew that their paints were eco-friendly and sustainable for our environment- perfect for an eco-project like this! All we needed were some pastel-y base colours to get started.

What you’ll need:

  • Terracotta Planters
  • Flat paint brush & waterbased paints
  • Acrylic paints
  • Small round brushes
  • Ric Rac ribbons
  • Super glue or glue gun


It is useful to pick out your colour palette before you start, particularly if you are doing a group of planters together. We used a uniform palette for the graphic shapes, and only varied the base colours to give the look uniformity. This ensures they work harmoniously together!

Step 1: Using your big brush, paint your planters in your base colours. Let dry for 30 minutes, then apply another coat to cover uneven areas. Air dry overnight.

Step 2: Using a small rounded brush, paint on squiggles, lines and dots in your colour palette, working your way slowly around the pot one colour at a time.

Step 3: Wait until your shapes are dry, then finally, glue on small sections of ric rac ribbon with a glue gun or superglue, to give that graphic pop of colour!

Photography by Jason To, craft assistance by Sheryl Lau. Special thanks to Eico Paints for the wonderful paints in this project.

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