70/80s Graphic Interiors and Objects

Being a lover of colour, it has been wonderful watching vibrant, solid prints making a major comeback in the recent years. What’s more, these trends are not showing signs of slowing down! Concepts known as ‘Supergraphic’ and ‘Memphis Design’ first emerged in the 70s & 80s, while Italians created Memphis, Supergraphic describes breaks with modern design. By embracing pop-art, zig-zags, dashes and bold tones dominated walls.



Contemporary artists are giving these styles a fresh new spin. Creatives such as Camille Walala who draws from print to establish eye-catching Tribal POP style, Ettore Scottsass’ Carlton, which is a snazzy bookcase and even through a fashion lens: Nathalie Du Pasquier’s American Apparel 2014 collection. These Kitsch and flashy styles are surely not a miss!



What do you think? Do you love the 80s comeback, or is it too soon?

Research by Sheryl Lau

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