DIY: Mini Rainbow Pinatas

It is no secret that we love colour here at BerinMade. With summer in full swing now, I’m always looking for fun, colourful crafts that are family-friendly. Kids always get excited about rainbows, and the fact that you can fill them with sweets won’t hurt!

These mini rainbow pinatas were dreamt up in my little collaboration with Lindor (did you see my GIVEAWAY post on instagram today?) but you can fill them with any kinds of sweets you want, of course! There are no complicated constructions, no templates- just a paper plate, some tissue paper, and your usual scissors and glue combo to get you going!



  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Cellotape


  • Tissue paper in rainbow colours (6 colours, 1 inch wide, fringed)
  • 1 paper plate per rainbow
  • decorative ribbon (optional)



Step 1 (top left): Start by folding your paper plate in half, with the bottom of the paper plate facing out- like a taco. Secure all along the semi-circle edge with cellotape. You can fill the hollow-out centre with sweets now.

Step 2: (top centre): Using the last colour you would use on the rainbow (usually violet), cut out little squares about 2 inches.

Step 3: (top right): Seal the centre with glue stick and tissue paper. This will be the “breaking point” of the pinata.

Step 4: (middle left): Start fringing the the pinata starting from the inner most colour, securing with glue stick.

Step 5: (centre): Working each fringe along the curve, use your hands to slightly pleat the top of the fringe to get a smooth lovely curve.

Step 6: (middle right, bottom left): Continue working the colours until you reach the edge of the plate.

Step 7: (bottom centre): Gently ruffle out the tissue paper fringes so that you can see all the layers of colours.

Step 8: (bottom right): Add decorative ribbon the edge to finish off! I used ric rac here but you can also use pom pom ribbons.


Happy rainbow party!


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