Our Home Renovations: Moodboards & Colour Schemes (Part 3)

This is the final part of our moodboards series in the lead up to our home renovations! If you haven’t caught up yet, jump to Part 1 & Part 2!

Living Room

So I have this obsession with “adult” spaces. Maybe growing up, my dad was also a little bit like that. Our toys were always hidden out of sight, and my parents never shied away from having nice (read: breakable) things in the house, they simply taught us to take care of the furniture and be a little more careful. Sure, accidents happened but then we just moved on. The point about a family space is that we all enjoyed it. Maybe that’s why neither me nor my brother grew up very active or riotous as kids but now I realise, we are very picky about decorating the spaces we live in!

So, there’s a story behind that multi-coloured drawer Graham and Greene Chest in the moodboard. It’s already a piece that we owned from our last move, and it was one of my favourite pieces of furniture. One day, Phoebe had an artistically-inspired moment where she scribbled all over the white drawer front with a permanent black marker. You know what? That day, I realised that I loved that chest a lot more than I had before she had made her marks.

It feels like I am digressing (well, maybe just a little) but the living room was a space that needed to be nice and civilised. I toyed with the idea of white walls but decided ultimately that it wasn’t really us. We went with this misty grey colour from Eico (top left colour on the board) and it really was the best decision ever. It’s neutral, warm grey and like a giant hug when you walk in the door.

The Lulie Wallace painting (top middle) is one of my favourite gifts from Ben, and we wanted to use it as inspiration for the colours. Many of the items in this room did end up moving around a little when we styled it up, and it’s one of the moodboards that didn’t actually materialise as close to the finished room as we thought, but you’ll see more of that in our next House tour post!

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