Our Home Renovations: Moodboards & Colour Schemes (Part 1)

The Master Bedroom

The bedrooms were by far the most difficult to style. The way that we had reorganised the bedrooms meant that our room was connected to Phoebe’s room by a little den in between, each partitioned by sliding doors. We had made a decision early on to paint the bedroom walls in pink—it was a two-against-one kind of scenario which seemed fun at the time, girls against boy—but now I faced the challenge of styling our bedroom in a stark contrast to a 4-year old girl’s room…

The window faces out to a lot of greenery in the mountains. It’s really picturesque the way it’s framed, and so lovely to wake up to. In a bid to, again, lighten up the entire space, we decided to incorporate cool crittall-framed mirrors.

We had a walnut parquet floor which retained from the last owner’s. It’s lovely, but if you’re not being careful, it’s a real blast back to the 90s. Colour-wise, we kept it very simple by introducing a pine green in the upholstered headboard to play off the greenery outside (hello, pantone colour of the year 2017!). The rest, we played with in textures in our bedding which I knew would be largely neutral.


Phoebe’s Room

Phoebe’s room was real fun! It’s a small space so I knew that it didn’t need a lot of styling decisions, and she actually has a lot of great pieces that would work in the space, like the above Rachel Castle screen prints (I Just Need to Sleep) which has all the colours she needed. She has her favourite Miffy nightlight, throws and cushions, and we were good to go! I did DIY a couple of thing for her room which was a pom pom lampshade and a custom book shelf. Despite it being such a small space, the three of us often cram in there to read stories, lay on the cushions and talk about our days together because it’s so cosy!


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