DIY: Bee’s Knee’s Stirrers

The bee motif is popping up everywhere in the design world, from jewellery to fashion, creating quite a buzz you might say (!)

When I heard from my friend Amanda (who has the coolest job developing cocktails and beverages for bars like the Quinary, Envoy and Origin, can you imagine?) of her newest cocktail recipe, the Honey Bee, we jumped at the chance to collaborate! We said, how cool would it be if you made the cocktail and I made the stirrers? Then threw ourselves a real Galentine’s party, cos that’s what we do.

If you fancy getting a craft party going with these super-easy origami bees, take a look at the full how-to below, and at the bottom of the post you can find a link for the full cocktail recipe, courtesy of the Envoy.


  • Gold origami paper (white on one side), 7cm squared
  • Black permanent marker
  • PVA Glue
  • Wooden stirrers
  • Gold tassels (optional)


To make the origami bees:

  1. To start, make a diagonal fold and open it back up. Using the crease as a guideline, fold up the bottom point of the square so that it touches the crease.
  2. Repeat with the top point.
  3. On the bottom folded triangle, draw narrow lines for the bee’s body.
  4. Flip over the entire piece so that the black lines are at the top, but facing the table. Using the middle point of top edge as reference, fold two sides down diagonally so that the top corner of the right hand side aligns with the bottom right hand corner (and left top corner with the left bottom corner).
  5. Again, flip the piece over. Lift the top side of the piece, opening it up towards the top. Using your index finger, flatten both sides to form two triangular tips.
  6. Orientate your piece so that the gold square is at the top. Lift the gold square slightly to make space while tucking in two sides towards the centre to make white wings.
  7. Finetune your bee to your liking by folding in the tips of the wings and the corners of the head to form a hexagonal shape.



Jump on over to Home Journal for their corresponding cocktail recipe! Photos by Jason To. Craft assistance by Heidy Choi and Megan Tan.

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