Idea: I think You’re Grape Balloon Surprise

I’m rather impartial to a great pun, it’s actually one of the dorkiest ways to win my heart. This Valentine’s Day, we are determined to keep it low-key, creative and child-friendly. Because, news flash, Valentine’s Day ain’t only for couples, y’know? In our studio, we had a little chuckle over all the swoon-worthy puns all to do with fruit (uhh, hello “I love your melons”? Very un-PG13), and over next two weeks, we’ll be presenting three of our favourites made into a balloon surprise.

Today, we’re starting with an “I Think You’re Grape!” balloon surprise, perfect for, well, fruit-lovers, yes, but also your kids, and any co-workers with an equally dorky sense of humour. It’s a casual, fun, and deliberately cheesy Valentine’s idea to get on board with.


You’ll Need:


  1. The first step is actually to find a box that you think is cute and suitable for your surprise. Think about whether you’ll post it, or leave it open on someone’s desk.
  2. After you’ve determined the size of the box, pump all your balloons so that the total volume more or less fills the box. You’ll need them more or less around the same size, but with slight variations, just like in a real bunch of grapes. If you’re making them spill out (like we did here) then it’s fine to go a little oversized for effect, but if you want it all to fit into the box, then you’ll need to go a little smaller.
  3. Taking two balloons at a time, tie the knots together with fishing wire using double-knots. Taking a pair of balloons, attach a third with fishing wire. The point is to make multiple small bunches of twos and threes.
  4. Once you have all the mini-bunches tied up, connect the mini-bunches into one large bunch of grapes, arranging the larger ones at the top and smaller ones at the bottom.
  5. Cut two green leaves out of construction paper. Slightly crease down the middle for a 3D sculpted look. Attach them to each other with double-sided tape, and affix onto balloons with double-sided tape, making sure to hide the joint.
  6. For the final touch, print out the template to stick onto the box. Or, you can write your own message for a personal touch!


Join us over the next weeks to check back for more ideas!



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