On Business: Finding Your Path

This year, I’ve set a goal for myself to write more on this blog. (Wait, are we in 2010?!) Joking aside, I know a lot of us have moved onto newer, shinier things in the realm of social media—looking at you, vloggers— but I remembered how this business started in 2012, with just me, my laptop in the little corner niche of our living room, and how I loved connecting with other people around the world, writing down my musings, sharing my sketches and things that inspired me. It’s probably a rose-tinted view of how it was but it did seem like a simpler time! Because of this, instead of a place where I drop pieces of news once in a while, I’d really love to make this space a home again, in hopes that I can connect with you a little more. So, I really hope you’ll join me!

In this coming year, you’ll maybe notice some changes in the way we do things. We always believe that it was essential to evolve, and pivot when necessary, and in truth we’ve been doing it every year behind-the-scenes. The business started mainly as a wedding stationery business, and it quickly grew as we gained capital and had little overhead. 2 years into doing weddings, we had our baby girl Phoebe, who we would give the world to. But let’s face it, she pretty much turned our lives upside down. Because I was now a full-time mum and a full-time business owner, I wanted to expand the business in the way that was not solely dependent on how much I worked, but also the output of products in a way that was scalable. It just made sense. We began to work on a line of greeting cards and lifestyle stationery to sell wholesale, and within a year we were being carried in stores around the world. It did seem, for a while, that our business was headed towards a model where we sold product lines of lifestyle goods.

But, on its own, the weddings and lifestyle product lines didn’t really feel like a complete representation of who I was. I just couldn’t explain it, but there was a part of me that wished I could share more with the world, and give a better glimpse of the life of celebration that I was so passionate about.

Then, two years ago, I announced my book deal with Pavilion for Paper Parties, a design-led paper crafts book containing 50+ projects for every celebration. Design-led crafts and celebrations was a really big passion of mine, and it really began with my work in weddings back in 2012. It did seem like a bit of a pivot which knocked our business sideways. Writing a book was no easy feat, and managing its creative direction, all the shoots and ultimately delivering on deadline was one of the biggest hurdles I’ve ever had to face. I had to take a lot of time out in the year to finish it, and thankfully, we hired Lana who became our Wedding Project Manager, who was amazing at taking care of our custom design clients. She’s actually left us now in expectant of her own little bundle of joy, but I will forever be thankful for her time with us (as I’m sure a lot of our clients were too!)

All to say, this year on the blog, you’ll see a lot more of my face, of our fun lifestyle content that we are going to be producing in-house. We’ll be doing fresh, unique DIY projects, lifestyle columns, business talks as well as more frequent glimpses into motherhood, and family life.  The beauty of this entrepreneurial thing is that there is no set path. If you wish you could do more of something, then do it! And if you feel like there is something missing, then add to it. Just because other people aren’t, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. It’s advice that I repeat to myself in the mirror almost every day. Don’t look to others as a model to define what your success is, as long as you’re walking in a path true to yourself. You’ll be the happiest—and most successful—this way.

Looking forward to hanging out with you more this year!

Image by Charlotte Tolhurst for my book “Paper Parties” (Pavilion, UK)

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