The Art of Saying Thank You

As we approach the summer months, the last stretch of wedding planning is now in full swing before we head into the big day, and straight after, diving into relaxation mode hopefully on a far-flung island enjoying iced cocktails as newlyweds. It’s never too soon to start thinking about saying “thank you” to those who have made your big day so special. From personal experience, “thank yous” are best written straight after the wedding day, when the emotions of the day are still fresh, and all the special moments with your loved ones are still tangible in your mind. So here are our top tips for staying organised and on top of your thank you cards after the day—read them don’t forget to thank us after the day 😉

Floral Cards

Build Thank Yous into your Guest List

However you compile your guest list, whether with a spreadsheet on your computer, or on a good old fashioned hand-written way, build in a column for thank you notes. This way, you will have all the relevant names, mailing addresses to hand. If you’re having a big celebration, this is the key to staying organised. Have this list printed and given to your chief bridesmaids (or whoever is in charge of receiving gifts for you during the day), and they can mark the guests who have given gifts, and cards, so that you won’t forget to mention these in your thank you notes!

Which Cards to Buy?

Thank You Cards needn’t be fancy schmancy. It’s the thought that counts, after all. Order your thank you cards when you buy your wedding invitations in a matching design, or simply buy multi-packs at your favourite stationery store. We stock our own range of floral cards (pictured above) that are blank inside, or simply head to Liberty of London, Paperchase or Smythsons, for ones that are suited to your budget and style.

If you are ordering personalised ones, which would be cute as they could incorporate your new Mr & Mrs names (always exciting!) you can always order a little more than necessary. Printing in larger numbers often mean lower unit costs, especially for bespoke printing. This ensures that you’ll always have your own stylish set of personal stationery to hand long after the wedding day.

Ordering flat notes are a more casual way to say Thank You than the traditional folded note and will prove more versatile after the big day.

DIY Them

If your budget is tight (hey, whose isn’t after the wedding day?), consider using a monogram or personalised stamp on blank, flat cards. You can also get a variety of embossing inks, if you’re the crafty kind. You can then stamp to your heart’s content!

What to Say

Now that you have your list of who to thank, and armed with your favourite stationery, you’ll need to actually put pen to paper.

Keep it simple, personal and sincere. Do you love it? Are you using it right now? Will you be wearing it a lot? Do you always get a lot of compliments about it? Say something specific about it to show that you have found use for the gift. If it’s a cash gift, simply saying “thank you for the generous gift, it means very much to us” will suffice.

At the end, mention lastly but most importantly, how much it meant to have them at your celebration, and what a memorable and special day it was for you because of their presence.

How to Say It

If you’re self-conscious about your own hand-writing, consider prettifying your note with coloured inks which match your thank you cards. Metallic inks on black cards are always stylish. Whatever you do, steer clear of the biro, especially of the blue variety! They have a tendency to look messier than your hand-writing really is. And watch out for ink smudges, always allow inks to dry before stuffing into envelopes.

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