Sultry Red Wedding Inspiration


With the sun back in full glory, I thought it was time for a bright, lively mood board. Red is a gorgeous combination of elegance and energy, but can be a tricky colour to work with. The wrong shade can look dated and too much of it can look like Christmas (not something you want for your summer wedding!); done with the right balance of pale pinks, greens and lots of white, however, and you are onto a winner. Using the Roses and Ladybugs suite as my starting point, I focused on picking out a shade of red that was both modern and charming. That stunning red dress was an absolute find, with layers of soft fabric and a luscious bow in her hair – an idea for your going away dress perhaps, if you are a classic white dress bride. Red flowers are great accents for your day, and look incredibly vibrant, mixed with leafy greens and blushing pinks, dotted with white blossoms. White is such a good foil to red, because it adds a lightness and freshness to the whole scheme, making sure things stay young and fresh. And Louboutins, anyone? The famous red soles add a pop of colour to the crisp white shoes. To top it all off, a freshly iced red velvet. Yum! There you have it, lots of red, balanced with a crisp white and other brilliant colours. Enjoy! -Josephine

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