Anemone and Mint Summer Inspiration


Frolick down to the sea, anyone? Taste the warm, salty air, and feel the cool breeze rustling through your hair, as the sand crunches underfoot. The Darling Anemone suite in seafoam (my colour theme of the season) captures that light-hearted, jovial feel of a summer’s day. The suite also comes in a sparky buttercup yellow, also offset by soft pinks, creams, and luscious greens that you see in this seafoam suite. The clean lines in the typography are modern  and inviting, singing clearly from the gemstone colours – perfect for a modern bride who loves the outdoors. One of my favourite things about the sea is how the blue-green tones of the water and foliage are offset by the clear white in the sky, and I have tried to reflect that in this board. The photos I chose are playful, full of delight, fresh – dainty cupcakes, that glorious dress, and those lush flowers. For you, the joyful, sunshine-loving bride! – Josephine

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