The Anges Are Coming to Town!


Photo Courtesy of Anges de Sucre

So a few weeks back, I got a call from Reshmi of the Anges de Sucre macaron fame. (Aside: If you have not tasted her macarons, you need to. And if you’re getting married, you need one of her macaron towers.) OMG OMG she had just signed a lease on a shop! Near Kensington Church Street! Everything ended in exclamation marks. There was a lot of excitement. As the shop is still a construction site, she asked whether we could help her with an illustrated shop display to attract visitors and drum up some excitement for what is to come inside.

Umm… YES! So we created this super size floral arrangement and gold lettering for the centre. We even laughed that one day we could dress Phoebe up as the little cherub from her logo with little wings. Are we joking? Maybe, maybe not.

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