Custom Lettered Jewelry!

Over a year ago, I wondered what it would be like to have my lettering translated into jewelry pieces.

Fast forward to 2013, after the birth of Phoebe, Ben and I were looking for a special way to celebrate her birth. We excitedly created her birth announcements. Then, we thought, why not take it a step further and have the lettering made into something that could last a life time, for her to carry around when she grows up, and perhaps someday it would become an heirloom piece?

Enter my aunt Lisa. Besides having worked in the fashion industry and merchandising for all her career, for labels the likes of Ralph Lauren, she had recently started handcrafting jewelry and precious gem stone pieces. So we sent her the sketch of Phoebe’s name I had done for her birth announcements—and she thoughtfully created this piece out of rose gold (of course, Rose is her middle name), as a gift for Phoebe.


And then, as if a lightbulb went on in our heads, we started playing around with the things we could create. So, we are working on a collection that will be coming to you. As with the best things, we are letting ideas develop organically. But keep an eye out and definitely contact us if you are interested in having a custom piece made. It might be more affordable than you think.


You can see more of her current work at:


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