Towards the end of last year was such a pivotal time for us.

Ben left his old corporate job and joined BerinMade as Operations Director and since then we’ve seen many amazing changes around here. The new website, the Ready to Go Collection (his idea, by the way!), the polished contracts, the establishment of our limited company status. This was just the tip of the iceberg. Of course, there were lots of scary moments when our income and livelihood rested on the business that was merely under one year old. In faith, we were taking a lot of financial risks that we didn’t necessarily know was going to reap the rewards we were hoping for. Instead of paying ourselves more, we poured everything back into the company to make it better. Thinking back, it was just a little bit insane. I remember wondering how we were going to cope as we hit January and looking at the year ahead of us. After all, we were just feeling our way around—we were a one-designer-one-manager kind of team. But then, on one of those days, I remembered I heard a silent, and distinctly familiar voice in my heart telling me that This is the beginning of a life that you never even knew you wanted.


Photos by Edward Osborn Photography

At the time, I thought, Yes, this is going to be about the business, about that self-employed life that Ben and I always daydreamed about. For years we dreamed about breaking the chains of regular employment, making time for our future kids, having flexibility and mobility in our lives to have more adventures. Adventures. We love that word so much! The idea of not knowing what was going to happen, but going ahead in anticipation, excitement and expectation. Little did I know, then, that just about a month later we were expecting our first baby!


Photos by Edward Osborn Photography

Yes, this was the life we wanted, and more than that, the life that we didn’t even know we wanted. We welcomed this unexpected expectancy with open hearts. Of course, tough moments came along. In my 1st trimester, working through my morning sickness and fatigue, we built the website from the ground up with Aeolidia and for weeks and weeks on we saw no free weekends in our calendar, and not many nights out at all. Ben switched from working in a corporate environment to a small business, and taking care of a tired and hungry pregnant wife. But the reward was that we went from being best friends to super best friends. It’s the sweet fruit of spending time together, working through the tough moments in many of our own struggles. We were, in essence, working together and building the foundation of a family life together.


Photos by Edward Osborn Photography

This has been the best year of our marriage together—it wasn’t the easiest, but it was easily the best. As we approach the final stretch of my pregnancy, we decided to mark this special time with a photo session with our colleague and friend Ed Osborn—who by the way, is the one to check out if you’re in the market for a film photographer. The results were more than we hoped for, and we will cherish these images for the rest of our lives because they capture so perfectly the phenomenal year we’ve had. They’ll also be a constant reminder to not be afraid, be brave, and dream for more. Little girl, we can’t wait to meet you—in the next chapter there’ll be three of us.


  1. BIGGEST congrats to the both of you on all fronts! What a journey! It’s a beautiful website, and your new collection is just so gorgeous. Just when I think I’ve seen the best BerinMade, you guys come out with another even better.
    It’s so inspiring to see how you’ve cemented your business and thrown so much into it as well as be so dedicated to each other AND your family. Your baby is definitely gonna be one clever and creative little cookie 🙂


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