Anemones & Roses Illustration by BerinMade

So, the summer is in full-swing guys!

We’ve been busy as usual behind the scenes. For one, baby Hung is coming in just 6 weeks. SIX weeks, before our lives change forever, and we can’t wait! This means lots of nursery and baby prep too. Our brains are going overdrive on new information that we’ve never thought about. On top of that, we’ve had lots of lovely clients this summer, and so we’ve also enjoyed wrapping up our projects with them for their beautiful (and scorching hot!) summer weddings. As Ben and I wrap up our first wedding season together in the next few weeks, we are just so overwhelmed by thankfulness for how well it’s gone. It’s our first year of working together at a time where the business is growing so rapidly, and it has been immense and full-on in so many ways—but also so full of excitement and fulfilment.

Watch out for our new Ready to Go collection coming out in October, ready for those who jump on the engaged (bling!) wagon over the Christmas period. And my oh my, am I excited about it all already. We’ll be going a bit more quiet on the blog front, but you can still catch us on TwitterInstagram, Facebook!


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