What is Lettering?

In a nutshell…

Lettering is essentially illustrations of letters, words, and phrases. As a letterer, when I’m hired to draw the word “holiday” I don’t first draw the entire alphabet in the style I wish, then position the letters to spell out the word. I draw the word as a unique image. This means that in a lot of lettering, if you rearrange the letters it would look pretty crappy—it’s meant to be seen and used in that configuration and that configuration only. -Jessica Hische

Lettering is something that I’ve picked up and refined over the years, when I became interested (almost to the point of obsession really) in forming beautiful words without the use of desktop fonts. I love the process of this: forming and reforming each letter until they perfectly link together in tandem. The result often looks organic compared to the fonts we use, with discrepancies and inconsistencies between some letters if you look carefully. In that sense, each piece created is unique. I posted a video of me tracing out some lettering over a year back, which you can see here if you like. Enjoy! x

Love Hanger4 (resized)

The lettered word “love” applied in a DIY tutorial I created for Green Wedding Shoes.

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