And… we’re back!


Clockwise from top left: pretty tiles in our resort in Phuket; Ben and I goofin around; pretty pool-side umbrellas; lounging around in our resort; shopping in Hong Kong; and finding my painting hung up at my dad’s house—join us on instagram @berinmade to see more.

And… we’re back!

If you’ve sent in emails and enquiries over the past few weeks, you would’ve known that we’ve been slacking off in Phuket and Hong Kong, drinking Pina Coladas and not answering our phones. Meanwhile our trusty assistant Cynthia has been holding the fort beautifully as ever whilst we were gallivanting away. After a 3 week break away, we came back reinvigorated and ready to go again!

The truth is, going away for a few weeks did us a whole world of good. Sometimes you don’t realise how tired you are until you let yourself relax and switch off. And a spot of shopping never hurt anybody. Just sayin’.



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