Well, hello again!


Well, hello there!
We are so so happy to start this new week on our brand spanking new site! Ta-daaa!

After three months of very hard work around the clock, many Kit Kat bars (while not breaking), and a handful of crazy moments, we are finally here and so proud of this new website. At the end of last year, as a one-woman business I really felt that BerinMade needed to represent a little bit more than just lil ol’ me, because we were quickly expanding. I had a vision to build a brand founded on creativity, craftsmanship, and colours. I had also wanted to build something more efficient, so that our readers and clients could find all the information they would need right here whilst keeping the ambience of a boutique and independent design company.


Still available: Fully-customisable in colours and florals, with our signature hand-lettering, in our Semi-Custom section.

So what’s changed? I’d like to think, nothing much—only your experience of it is improved!

All our collections have been modified as an add-to-cart system, which means that you won’t have to email in to get a quotation anymore. Just add things to your cart and let the site calculate for you how much everything costs! From there on, you can edit quantities, add, or delete as you go along. We even implemented a 2-installment system at check-out. So really, nothing has changed, everything is just a bit more efficient!

Our Mix and Match Collection (now called “Semi-Custom” under “Weddings“) selection process is now so easy! We work on a first-come-first-serve basis, and have kept the 3-revisions and full colour customisation process to keep it as special as possible for you—you will still work closely and directly with me. All you have to do is select your design and colour options in our forms as a starting point, and we will contact you with a customised timeline of key milestones (such as proofing, printing and delivery dates). From there on, we will tweak your colours and other little things to suit your vision.

We have kept all of the items available to buy including our little place cards, round menus and seating plans, so you can mix and match your own full-blown set of wedding stationery right here. There’s currently only limited-availability for these so make sure you check that little timetable in the process tab to see when our next availability is!

© kirsten mavric

Our Silhouette Sweetheart Thank You Cards in our Ready to Go Collection

But now, there is so much more. We now have a Ready to Go collection which is just click-and-print process and dispatched within 2 weeks. I have created the designs to retain our signature aesthetic, meaning that we have distilled our popular hand-lettering, love of beautiful fonts, floral illustrations, and most-loved colours into our easy to use templates, making it cost and time-effective to buy. There are currently 6 designs, in 2 colourways each, with 8 customisable items (from Save the Dates to Guest Menus). Also, keep your eyes peeled on the Love Stamps section—there’s a fun little promo video there, and something very exciting to be revealed soon!

 © kirsten mavric

Our Secret Garden Save the Dates in our Ready to Go Collection; Macarons with thanks to Anges de Sucre

It seems that at the end of last year, it was quite a pivotal time for the business and also for our personal/family lives. When my husband Ben left his job in December, we had a distinct—and quite scary—sense that in the next few months, we were going to start a new life which was beyond our imagination previously. After much prayer we decided to take a leap of faith to have him onboard the business as things started to become a little bit too overwhelming for me to handle by myself. As I soon found out (and not to much surprise), Ben is the intelligent left-brain that I’d always been missing! He is now our business and operations director and everyday we get to work side by side which is so great! It’s been such a crazy ride so far but we are definitely very excited for the things ahead of us. We can’t wait to chronicle all of that here and share our journey with you going forward.

We are indebted to many people who has made the building of this website possible. Special thanks go especially to Aeolidia: Margot Harrington for the lovely web design and Chris McFarlane for his robust web development and his endless patience with our requests.

Further thanks and photo credits: Mavric Photography for Ready to Go Weddings images; and Jillian Manger of Mimi Nicole Events for the styling of Ready to Go Weddings

Other photo credits (where credited to specific images) to: Ed Osborn; Marianne Taylor; Chanelle Segerius Bruce; Lisa Devlin; Laura Babb; Denny Wong; and Claudia Rose Carter

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