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Clockwise from top left: Our trip to Harrods; watercolour sketches; mystery products in the pipeline; colourful coats in the winter.

The month of December(brrr) is upon us!

How freezing cold has it suddenly become? This past few weeks has been one of many changes, some expected, and some unexpected.  We celebrated Ben’s birthday and took a trip to Harrods for some Christmas decorations (I look about 5 years old in that photo above). New products are in the pipeline- I’m so impatient to show you them but we’ll just have to wait for a bit. I also found out last week that I was shortlisted as one of the 30 Best Newcomers in the country at the Wedding Industry Awards, news that I’m completely floored by! Perhaps the biggest news of all is that Ben, my lovely-as-ever husband, will be joining me on our BerinMade adventures starting January, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Join me on Instagram @BerinMade to get these updates on your feed as they happen! What are you waiting for? 🙂

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