Make it Special: Monogram Christmas Cards

Today, I’m so excited to finally launch 26 Alphabet Christmas cards in my shop, now available to pre-order for Christmas!

These cards feature my original illustrations of festive Christmassy floral arrangements, and a unique hand-lettered initial. Each purchase will also include a free line of your names (or your family name) in custom calligraphy. They come in either mint green or blush pink, and are in boxes of 25 or 40 with matching pine green envelopes.

As we are nearing the end of this year, even though there is still so much more in the pipeline in the next couple of months, I’m looking ahead to the next year, and so ful of thanks for this little business of mine. In response to this, I’ve partnered up with Via Design, a UK based social enterprise which works with vulnerable women in India rebuild their lives after the trauma of abuse. They are one of my favourite charitable organisations as they use craft skills such as printing and embroidery to help bring out creative talents of women who would never have the chance otherwise to rise out of their poverty to do something that they love.

In the coming months I really hope to bring Janet Rogers, the CEO and founder of Via Design onto the pages of this blog for an interview– she is one of the most creative and kind women I’ve ever met! For now, you may like to know that 50% of the proceeds from these Christmas cards will be contributed towards helping women in need in India back on their feet. Plus, if you order between now and the 1st of November, you get some extra cards in your order as a thanks for your support! So please head over to my shop to have a look!

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