Sneak Peek: Lettered Print

I had been wanting to expand the range of prints in my shop for months now, and am so pleased that some of these prints floating in my head will finally be materialising in time for you to buy as holiday gifts this year! Hurrah! Stay tuned for things coming into the shop soon.

If you are one of my twitter buddies, you would’ve seen recently that I got whisked to Paris for a whirlwind (24 hour) wedding anniversary trip. 🙂 We walked along the riverside, sat at the old square where the oldest tree of Paris resides, and dropped in on Shakespeare and Co– one of the loveliest bookshops in the world. In true bohemian style, they used to give a roof to struggling artists and the air in there still buzzes with creativity! At the top of the stairs I spotted a quote written by Whitman (who borrowed it from Yeats, who borrowed it from the Bible, I guess!) “Be not inhospitable to strangers, lest they be angels in disguise.” So I lettered it because I thought it was beautiful (and beautifully phrased). Pictured above is the mustard colour, and it will also come in aubergine.

Do sign up for the mailing list to stay in touch for when new prints will be coming in!


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