For the Love of Lettering

Yes! For the Love of Lettering is back! It has been a bit of a lull there… To be honest, the summer has been so crazy that I have just been filing away the submissions week after week, feeling tired, and wishing that I had more time to explore, experiment, expand my repertoire and have fun with what I do. That’s so important isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, I do love working with clients, getting out there, the styled shoots, the invitations, magazine work, it has all been so much fun  and I’m so so blessed to be able to do it all. BUT I just needed some me time, to sketch and not be afraid that it wasn’t going to work, worried that it will be a waste of time when I could really be spending that time doing proper work. You know how it goes. I’m so happy that in our short little holiday in Tenerife I was able to just sit and sketch for myself. I love that so much.

I’m really hoping to jump back into FTLOL, so do keep the submissions coming! For this installment, I have Tara from Tine and Thread all the way from CA, USA! “Dwell in Possibility” just resonated with me when I saw it. I was inspired, because it was so apt for what I’ve been going through. It’s a reminder to look outside my comfort zone, because there are so many possibilities that exist outside myself. Here’s what Tara says:

I’m always trying to remember to think about what is possible.  Just about anything, right?  Rather than dwelling on what I am or am not, I like to remain in what I could be.


For the Love of Lettering is a project all about my love of lettering. I love making something beautiful out of written words, so that they are not only meaningful, but more wonderful to read. I will letter an alphabet, or a phrase from time to time, submitted by you. You can check out the rest past entries by scrolling through the blog, or submit a phrase to play!

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