A Hot Pink and Glittery Gold Celebration (LoveLuxe Launch Part 2)

This is the second installment of the LoveLuxe Launch write-up! Click here to see Part 1 of this party with Andri and Jodie.

Michelle is a planning and styling extraordinaire, and Pocketful of Dreams is her brainchild. Together with Vicki, they put together table 7 at the LoveLuxe launch, though really I would describe it more as a dreamscape! To say that I find these two ladies wildly inspirational is a massive understatement. We had collaborated before on another project, and I loved the way she pulls together her moodboards, so I was excited when Michelle first contacted me about this brief. Her requirements were loose and so very exciting. The words “Glittery Gold” “Hot Pink” “Dreams” “Colour Pop” came up a lot. She told me what functional pieces she would need for the table, and let me run so wild with ideas, I LOVED it! Believe me, we thought of some pretty fun and crazy ideas, nothing was too out there for us.

Photograph by Anneli Marinovich

One of the things that came up time and again was that we didn’t want to make anything that has seen the light of day a thousand times. Michelle also wanted to use my lettering as part of the “dreamy” look. So I suggested that as a feature, instead of paper goods, we used vinyl that was custom cut into place names on gold plates, favour pots and little tags, in hot pink and gold. I had been toying with the idea of vinyls for a while now, and even offer a wall decal in my shop, but have always thought, how fun would it be to make them on a much smaller scale, so that each guest could have a little piece? So that’s exactly what we did!

Photograph by Rosie Parsons/ Featuring custom sprayed plates, pink-dipped cutlery, and gold mats custom sprayed by Pocketful of Dreams

Photographs by Rosie Parsons/ Featuring Michelle’s sugar-dipped martini glass; and a beautiful succulent as a favour, with “Thank You” in gold vinyl on the favour pot, and a shiny gold round label with “Let Love Grow” in hot pink.

Photograph by Anneli Marinovich/ on the right, featuring gold dipped marshmallows by Cakes by Beth, in a hot pink sprayed crystal glass.

Photograph by Anneli Marinovich/ A little paint-dipped animal by Michelle

Photographs by Rosie Parsons/ On the left featuring more amazig cookies by Cakes by Beth

The key featured paper piece was a “Dream Marriage” card which asks guests to “share your advise for a dream marriage”, with gold glittered lines for people to write on. These were done on tactile beige paper to match the burlap runner.

Photograph by Leo Bojesen

David at Frog Flowers did these extraordinary flowers for the table. I wasn’t there in person but even in the photographs they look like perfection, and unlike anything I’d ever seen before. I’m not going to try and name the flowers (is that an artichoke?) but don’t they look so exotic?!

Photograph by Anneli Marinovich

I made this “Seven” sign sprayed in gold for the table, and Michelle plucked it right on top of the centrepiece. I love this photograph that Rosie took of it, it’s so glittery!

Photographs by Rosie Parsons

And finally, Michelle and Vicki wanted to have a favour which each guest could take away, and something that answers to the “Colour Dream Pop” theme. So we created a gift card that doubled as goodie bag which were used to hot pink dyed popcorn kernels, sealed with stripey gold washy tape. Seriously, they think of everything!

Photo by Michelle at Pocketful of Dreams, You can read more about the favour cards here

Love and kisses to Michelle and Vicki at Pocketful of Dreams for involving me in this project- I really loved every minute of it and was beyond honoured to have been asked. Their creativitiy and vision is inspiring, not to mention that they poured a TON of hard work into this table which is so, so evident in the results. I mean, did you see the little gold animals? Check out some more photos of this table over on Michelle’s blog (I pulled quite a bit from her post) to see even more details and her process.
Tablescape Design, Styling and DIY Elements: Michelle and Vicki, Pocketful of Dreamswww.pocketfulofdreams.co.uk/
Floral Design: David French – Frog Flowers www.frogflowers.co.uk
Cake and Edible Items: Cakes by Beth http://www.cakesbybeth.co.uk/

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