Freebie Wallpaper!

Wow, I just realised that I didn’t changed the freebie on my mailing list for the longest time. Lesson learned: don’t post a freebie for May and not update it until August. I guess at least that’s an indiciation of how busy it’s been around here lately.

This one will be a wee bit retro and a lot of fun. Sign up for the mailing list to see the whole thing! If you are already subscribed to the mailing list, the mailchimp is delivering one to you today.

Subscribe to the mailing list to grab this freebie! (I won’t spam, I promise!)

Please note that all artwork given via this mailing list is for promotional purposes and as such, it is for personal uses only. Reproduction, distribution and printing is strictly prohibited. Title and ownership of the image, and all rights, now and for the future, remains exclusively with BerinMade Designs. BerinMade Designs reserves the right to issue proceedings in order to enforce its intellectual property rights in the event that they have been infringed.

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