Hello Monday!

Admittedly, it was been a bit quiet around here– just looking at my last post date makes me shift uncomfortably. Don’t worry, I’m still alive 🙂 The reason for my absence is merely that I’ve been swept away by a huge wave of deadlines, so much so that I cannot catch my own breath. It has been an exhilarating few weeks, and judging from my calendar, things will continue to be so for the next couple of summer months. I love it, really! (NB. please get in touch if you’d like to discuss a project or commission as I will only be taking on a number of selective projects in the month of August/September, and I’d love to hear from you!)

I’ve promised myself that I am going to take time with some more personal projects in the coming months: do some more lettering for myself, DIY projects (which I will be contributing to another blog on top of Love My Dress!) as well as a new card collection that is the most exciting one to date!

So keep your eyes peeled, don’t go away for too long… If you’re itching for some creative inspiration, there is always the DIY section to browse through! x

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