For the Love of Lettering

A Smile takes you the Extra Mile!

What words of wisdom. Thanks Jess for the phrase this week!! Today I’m really feeling that each and every smile matters, even when the other person isn’t smiling back. So grateful for the wedding line coming together this past week, and I have been feelings so thankful for the support and encouragement I’ve received. What an adventure this has been for me.

For the Love of Lettering is a project all about my love of lettering. I love making something beautiful out of written words, so that they are not only meaningful, but more wonderful to read. I will letter an alphabet, or a phrase each week, submitted by you. You can check out the rest past entries here, or submit a phrase to play! There are only three more weeks to go!

P.S I did a little Q&A over at OMG this week with Alexis, so go and take a peek if you’d like!

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