DIY: Ombre Tassels Two-Ways

Good morning lovely people! I realised that it’s been a while since I posted a DIY here on the blog. I’m super excited about this ombre tassels DIY I’ve been working on, it’s one of my favourites so far!

This versatile DIY rests on one easy concept of making a tassel that can be used in more than one way. It’s partly inspired by the fabulousness that is Confetti System, and also the ombre trend which is picking up again in time for spring/summer! Tassels are oh-so-festive and are perfect for any outdoor and garden affairs!

Part 1: Making a Tassel

A simple tassel can be used for a party prop or ceremony send-off down the aisle at a wedding. Here is your list of supplies:

– Tissue paper (which can be bought in quires at Paperchase for £2.50 a pop)

– Gold/Silver Pipe Cleaners

– Jute String/Beige Rubber Bands

– Scissors

1. Stack 4/5 pieces of tissue paper and cut out a rectangle. The height should be twice as long as you’d like the tassle to be (mine, about 10 inches) and the width about 1/3 of its length (mine about >3 inches).

2. Fold in half, and cut strands of your tassel from the open end up to the folded end, stopping at about 1 inches of the fold. Thick strands give a substantial feel that is perfect for backdrops, and thinner strands are airier and “fluffier”.

3. Still laying the tissues flat, slip a finger into each end of the fold.

4. Bunch up the centre (the uncut bits), whilst still making sure that the strands don’t shift.

5. Twist the centre as if ringing a towel. The twist is what gives the tassel its “magic”, when you twist, you will see the strands curl up.

6. Continue twisting, and bring the twisted part to a loop. Tie up with jute string or rubber bands. Don’t worry too much about the bands showing, as when the tassels are shaken, they will hide the tied part. Now shake it to wake it!

7. To make a tassel for send off, thread your pipe cleaner through the loop and twist upon itself. et voila!


Part 2: Making a backdrop

Making a backdrop is easy but just requires a bit more patience and perhaps best made with a troop of bridesmaids/friends! The great thing about this backdrop is that it is collapsable and light to carry.

Extra Supplies needed:

– Superglue

– MDF beams

1. The backdrop is constructed by “beams” going across which will be hidden when the backdrop is done. In that sense, we don’t need to worry too much about their colour (although neutral is always best). You can order MDF beams on websites such as MDF Cut- to-Size which will also deliver them to your door.

Order the width as you’d like the width of your backdrop, then order the “height” and thickness in 15mm.

Line up your beams on the floor parallel to each other. The space between them should measure about 1 inch less that the height of your tassel (so that the row above would hide the loop of the tassels below.)

2. Keeping in mind the spacing, double knot your jute string near the end of the beam (about 1 inch away from the edge), and after fastening, apply a bit of superglue to make sure the knot doesn’t shift.

3. Repeat on each beam until you reach the end, leaving a generous amount to trail off. This is the top of your backdrop and the end will be used for hanging.

4. Thread your tassels in, one colour on each beam. My backdrop measures 27 x 15inches and has 10 tassels on each beam.

When you finish filling the frame with tassels, complete the backdrop by fastening the other side with jute string (steps 2-3). Hang the backdrop by two nails on the wall!

Have fun!!

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