For the Love of Lettering & Friday Links


Hello! Having missed two weeks of FTLOL, I was ready to dive back in this week with Jillian of Mimi Nicole’s submission! I think I’m heavy influenced by the sound of raindrops hitting my window for the past two days and hence this one is a bit swishy. Jililan and I became friends when we met on twitter a while ago as we discovered we shared the same faith and also a love of hand-lettering! Check out her beautiful blog right here.

Just wanted to thank you guys again for the wonderful phrases you have submitted for the past couple of months! There is one more month of this project to go. Staying consistent in a self-motivated project can sometimes be very challenging (especially when work gets busy) but it has been really great to stop once in a while to take a breather, and make something just purely for my enjoyment (and hopefully yours!)

For the Love of Lettering is a project all about my love of lettering. I love making something beautiful out of written words, so that they are not only meaningful, but more wonderful to read. I will letter an alphabet, or a phrase each week, submitted by you. You can check out the rest past entries here, or submit a phrase to play!


A few fun things I spotted over the week:

– How to make Lace Patterned Notebook at A Beautiful Mess

– What fun colours! Beatle Identification Chart by Alyssa Nassner via Creature Comforts

– A handful of fun DIY ideas from Poppytalk Handmade including the Pom Pom tutorial by yours truly.

– Please invite me to a party if you’re having these by IrenDesigns via Etsy.


Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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