For the Love of Lettering & Friday Links

Happy Friday folks! This week’s submission was actually made my Mom! 🙂 I was super proud of her for making it onto my site and submitting a phrase- a darn good one at that! She is a wise lady. There are a lot of things that masquerade as “love”, but how do you know when love is real? It knows no boundaries, is forever faithful, patient, kind, self-sacrificial and is powerful beyond the bonds of this life.

This week has been lovely and sunny and I’ve been enjoying a few hours at the cafe everyday, catching up with admin and doing some serious product development!

The weekend is just around the corner now! Here are a few links I enjoyed around the web this week:

– This baked eggs and potato recipe looks so good. Ya know, because carbs is comfort…

– A fun kerning game which reminds me of this.

- Mad Men for kids and more Mad Men links via a Cup of Jo

- Wit and Whistle’s easy DIY to make your own Ombre T-shirt via A Newfound Treasure

– This amazing Beast. Hehe… spotted on Pikaland.

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