For the Love of Lettering & Friday Links

Another week has flown by! Did you see that there is a new Mother’s Day card in the shop? A handful more things will be trickling in in the next couple days. So be sure to check back!

This week’s phrase was submitted by Carolina. Thanks Caro! :) I loved it because the word “delight” has such special meaning. I’d like to think that to delight in someone means to find great pleasure in who they are, and not necessarily what they do. “Delightful” is a word you might use to describe a young child, or a lover. As you can see, I am using my new calligraphy pen non-stop. It’s a set complete with 8 different nibs so I’m really looking forward to experimenting with what I can do with them.

Thanks for participating, everyone! Continue to play here— I love reading your submissions!


A handful of things this week that have caught my eye:

- Vintage Ads from A Cup of Jo

– Have been looking at loads of calligraphy inspiration this week and particularly love this. via Design Work Life.

– This rad bird card spotted on Lottie Loves

– A yummy etsy find from hoakonhelga.


I’m off to enjoy the sunshine outside and pop into Anthro and shops on Regent Street! Ben and I have a fun weekend planned seeing friends and going to Portabello Market to enjoy the spring air and going to the cinema. Hope you guys have a great one too! x

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