DIY: Gold-Polka Dotted Bridesmaid Card

Wow. The title of this DIY is a mouthful. I wanted to squeeze in as many descriptive words as possible!!

My love of polka-dots started when I was very young. When I discovered them, I wanted them in everything I owned. My tights, my skirt, my hairband- all together. When you’re a kid, you don’t really have any inhabitions of what is socially acceptable. For the most part of a summer, I ran around in a ballet tutu (even though I hadn’t started my ballet classes yet) and even suggested wearing it to sleep. Anyway, I digress. I merely wanted to express my love for polka-dots and mourn briefly that their frequency have decreased in my wardrobe significantly since growing up.

Here is an accordion card that I made which fits snugly right into the lid of your bridesmaids stamp box, and unfolds as the recipients open their presents. In fact, you can adapt this to fit in with most little boxed presents. Oh, how they will love you for it! I loved the idea of making something in gold. Printing in foil is not something that everyone can afford so here is an opportunity to work it into your wedding DIY!


Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Scissors (or guilloutine);

2. Bridesmaids Stamp & Ink Pad;

3. Double-sided tape;

4. Thin black marker & Paintbrush (mine is the Paperchase house-brand, round 10);

5. Paper doillies, around 12cm in diameter;

6. Gold gouache;

7. Jute string;

8. A4 neutral-coloured card about 250-300gsm


Step 1:

Measure the dimensions of the inside of your lid, shaving a few milimetres off. Mine is 70w x 50h mm: these are the folded dimensions of your card.

Take the height of the folded size (ie 50mm), and times by 4. This gives you the overall size. Mine is 70w x 200h mm.

Taking these dimensions, draw out the crop marks on your beige card.

Paint your polka-dots on. Lay the paint on thick so that it is tactile and really shines when it dries. Let your dots creep outside your crop marks so that when you crop the card later, you get a neat pattern right up to the edge.

Step 2:

Wait until completely dry, then crop the card according to your crop marks.

Stamp the name right at the top of the card, then fold the card into four parts.

Write out your message over 2 portions of the card in thick marker. Don’t use the last portion, as this will be used to sick onto the inside of the lid.


Stick your accordion card right on the inside of your box lid with double-sided tape!

Bonus: make your little bridesmaids dress tag with this template. All done!

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