Happy Weekend & For the Love of Lettering

“Arise and Shine” - For the Love of Lettering Project

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Happy weekend!! It’s Friday again. How does the week fly by so fast?

This week’s phrase was submitted by Su-Ann– I got news today that she landed a job she was after doing children’s work! How exciting is that! 🙂 I love this phrase because I’ve always been a very sleepy person especially in the mornings, but lately I have felt prompted to change my attitude because so much awaits in a day’s work (and play). Also, this is perfect for Su who will need to arise and shine for her new job! x


This week’s links:

Geode Trinket Pot, spotted on Design*Sponge (it’s not from this week really– but I had it filed away for a while. How pretty!

This limited editioned bear (or panda?) canvas bag from Depeapa on Etsy

A Whimsical Warehouse Elopement on Green Wedding Shoes

Lastly, have you seen Invisible Children’s video yet?

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