Meet: Mr Bazaar

Hi all! Ever since I started BerinMade, I’ve always been curious to meet with creatives who have taken the plunge to work for themselves- you know, calling the shots, being their own bosses (love it)! It is a real source of inspiration to me to see others doing what they love and loving what they do. And what better way is there than to share that right here on the blog? So grab a cup of coffee if you’d like and stay a little. Today I’m excited to introduce to you Mr Bazaar!





Meet Mr Bazaar by the bright and wonderful Will Taylor! You may know him from his cheerful lifestyle blog Bright.Bazaar (which is one of my favourite reads, by the way), or from his column on Rue Magazine. When I first met Will, I was struck by his contagious love for colour and pattern and was immediately excited to get him spilling his secrets on home styling and working his props magic. So, if you’ve ever wondered how you can channel your personality into your home (I certainly have), read on! I can’t wait to dig into his tips for my styled shoots for the website!


Hello Will! Your world is wonderful and so very colourful! Can you tell us a bit about what you do?

Hey there Erin! Sure, so I’m a freelance interiors writer and blogger who occasionally dabbles in a little prop styling. I live in London and I’m kind addicted to all things colourful. Colour is to me like sparkly things are to a magpie! Primrose yellow to neon pink and azure blue to emerald green – you name it, I love it!

That sounds so exciting! How did you get into it? 

When I was twelve years old I suddenly become infatuated with swapping up the layout of furniture in my bedroom. I was forever swapping out different pieces and trying the bed against one wall and then the other.

As I grew older I became interested in stage and theatre design, always noticing the little details in the sets of plays and musicals I went to see. However, once I discovered that my drawing skills haltered at a below average stick man, I decided it probably wouldn’t be the best career to pursue. So, I began reading interior design magazines and found my interest in the area growing over the years.

By the time I reached university I was working as a Visual Merchandising Assistant where I learned about colour and composition, and so began my love for prop styling. Once I had graduated with a Journalism degree I began writing and styling for both magazines and commercial clients.

Wow, that’s great! So, spill the beans. How do you work your magic?

As a prop stylist I value the little details of space above all else, so my top tip would be to focusing on layering the scheme.

Start with either a blank canvas, or the elements already in the room, and consider how you want the space to feel. Then start working in colour, pattern and texture as you go, layering them up across the room as you go. So, you might add in accent colours to the space through a throw over the side of the couch, then echo this hue in a different shade, pattern or texture in a rug on the floor, or a throw pillow.

Personally I’m not keen on spaces that are too overly matched with all the same shades. I think a space can be more subtly express personality by using other sensory experiences, such as the tactile feel of the textiles used.

Also, think about layering and composition with how you arrange the contents of the room; don’t feel all the furniture needs to sit flat against the wall. Rather, bring the space alive by moving pieces to other parts of the room; living in an open plan apartment in London, I’ve found this a useful way to zone a larger space into cosier, more defined environments for working, eating and relaxing.

Any other sources of inspiration?

Look at other parts of your life and how you respond to colour there. Perhaps you always buy a colourful notebook to write in at work, or maybe you tend to wear a certain colour so could take inspiration from your wardrobe.

Colour is a very personal choice, and something many of us will use in daily life but shy away from in our homes, so looking to other areas can help us to see the hues that we like the best. Once you know the colours you like, think about the spaces in which you might like to introduce them. Build up a scheme gently: add in a colourful vase or throw pillow and live with it; don’t feel you have to rush to paint all your walls as this isn’t always the best way to add colour accents to a space.


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Amazing! I’ve never thought of it that way. My wardrobe is full of blacks, greys and neutral colours, but you can always find pops of pink, peach, coral, fuschia.  What about you? What is the best colour in the world?

Tough question! It depends on the space and the subject – so, for example, I love to wear blue (navy, electric, sky; any shade really) and for interior decorating.

I think you can’t beat black as a base colour. It teams really well with a plethora of accent hues from white and grey naturals through to yellow and orange brights. A good example of this is in the bedroom at my apartment when I have painted one wall in chalky black behind the bed. The white bed frame looks great against the black, and the solid black base colour allows me to add in brightly coloured bedding as an accent colour to the scheme; it’s flexibility with other colours that makes me like using black over other more common base shades.

Will, this has been wonderful and a real honour to chat with you! Thanks for stopping by!

You can find Will on his blog Bright.Bazaar, or join him on facebook right here!

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