DIY: Ombre Save the Dates

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Did I mention I love stamps?

I’ve thrown together this quick and easy tutorial for you DIY-lovin’ brides! The ombre effect is so pretty and also so easy to acheive! The look is elegant and classy without the price tag 😉 Not to mention, you can go multi-coloured if you’re not the matchy-matchy kinda gal. Now you can send your Save the Dates out (or make these your engagement party invites!!) with an extra personal touch.


Don’t be scared by this list of supplies because you’ll find most of these you will have lying around the house. Here’s what you’ll need.


1. scissors (or guilloutine);

2. ribbons;

3. snapshots of you two;

4. C6 envelopes (C6 size is slightly bigger than A6); backing card slightly bigger than A6 (optional); and A6 card at around 250-350gsm, either ready cut or A4 card works too; I use a 250gsm hammer-textured paper available at Paperchase.

5. double-sided tape or glue;

6. watercolours;

7. flat brush around 1.5cm wide. Mine is from Paperchase called “short flat” in size 12;

8. custom name stamp & ink pad. mine is £50 which includes your intertwining names. you can also find other ones on Etsy.


Step 1:

Trace your crop marks with an A6-sized card lightly with pencil if you are cutting from a bigger piece of paper. Just the corners will suffice!

Ombri-fy your card. Mix your colour to exactly the darkest shade you would like for it to be. I started mine with a peachy tone. Now sweep the watercolour right across the top corners of your card, shifting your way down. After every few strokes, quickly dip your paint brush into the water to dilute the paint already on your brush, so that the shade becomes lighter. Continue to work your way down the height of the card until brush is completely paint-free.

Top tip! Don’t work backwards! It’s OK to have slight watermarks and bleeds, it makes the overall look romantic and pretty.


Step 2:


Work with different colours for a bit of variety! Wait for watercolour to dry. If the paper curls severely, put them until a few heavy books over night to straighten out.

Stamp your names onto the card, and write in your wedding or party details! Then, guilloutine alongside your crop marks.

Et voila!


Step 3:


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Accessorize with pretty ribbon, and an engagement photo, and tie it up ready to send to your guests.

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