For the Love of Lettering & Friday Links

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I’m happy to present you my first offering from my FTLOL project, submitted by Marianne this week. 😉 Thanks all so much for participating, and keep them coming! If you have missed out on what this project is all about, you can read it here.


Now for a quick round-up of links around the internet this week.

Tell Camilla Engman your story so that she can illustrate it!

Dino-themed invites by Christina Wisnieski via DesignWorkLife

Custom stamps by yours truly are out!

I want this iPhone case!

Mary Katrantzou at LFW via Park and Cube. Yum.


Hope you all have a super weekend!


edit: I know this is cheating but I decided to change the colour of the lettering as the green was a bit more than i could bear on my computer screen!

These are going to be a bit more raw than my “finished” work in the shop… but I hope to be experimenting more! As such this will be a series of ideas as opposed to “polished” works (although some might appear more polished than others). Thanks for sticking around!

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