Merry Christmas: Danger in the Manger


Merry Christmas, everyone!! As we approach the end of this year, and the beginning of a new one, Ben and I have so much to be thankful for. This Christmas, we get to spend time with our families and friends in Hong Kong, and Ben has holiday from work! Most importantly of all, this holiday marks the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ– a God who came down to men to be one of us, to love and to die for us.

This year I didn’t put Christmas cards in the shop due to rebuilding the website and a lot of other things in transition mode, but I sure am looking forward to many Christmasses at BerinMade. Thanks so much for all your support for the past year. I’m really very grateful.


Danger in the manger, there is no quote stranger!
Born in a world torn, left to its devices forlorn
This child is hardly mild, born to fight the wild!
Elected for the defected, with His love we are infected,
Passionate fire with no priority higher,
than the church His only desire,
Hence the quote Berinmade wrote, is the gospel in a brief note.
-Jacky Lam, Dec 2011

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