DIY: Snowflake Wrapping

I’m so proud of us, we’ve finished our Christmas shopping this year!! I thought I would share this little tutorial I put together– a quick and cheerful (not to mention easy on the purse strings) way to put together a pretty and festive package. Takes under 5 minutes!



So follow these really easy steps!

1. Scissors; 2. Some Twine (or ribbon, or strings); 3. Kraft Paper; 4. A square sheet of paper.


Step 1: Wrap your present in kraft paper. (Are you loving these no-brainer instructions yet?)


Step 2: Cut a snowflake out of your white paper. (Never cut a snowflake before? Check out this simple tutorial.)

Step 3: Lay the snowflake on the nice, presentable side of your present. Fix it to the kraft paper with a glue stick. Make sure all the loose bits are glued down as they may cause the flake to tear during transit.

I laid mine at the corner but you can experiment as every shape and size will suit a different orientation.


Step 4: Wrap your twine (or ribbon, or string) around the package. I have kept this fairly simple but you can then attach your gift tags, a pine cone or a bit of pine for an extra festive feel. Ta-daaa!

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