Mother’s Day: 13 May 2012

I do feel slightly cheeky as I write this post because Mother’s Day here in the UK (or “Mothering Sunday”) was this past weekend.

But I do have two perfectly good reasons for why this card is so late. Number 1 reason being that both my mama and mother-in-law both live in Hong Kong and Mother’s Day there is on the 13 May (incidentally the same as the US, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and a whole bunch of countries), so I guess that works for me. And if you are reading this from outside of the UK, there is a high chance that this applies to you too 😉 The second (truer) reason, honestly, alas, is that I have been snowed under some custom work and missed my print date. Anyway, here it is. I hope it’s pretty enough that you’ll forgive me.

It features a loosely-painted watercolour sketch of fuschia peonies and orange roses, and “Happy Mother’s Day” in white text at the bottom. Includes a soft pink envelope. I have to say, it is much looser than how I usually paint but I love it and will be proud to send my mama one this year.

I printed these in limited quanities so get yours before they’re gone!

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